बनाना चॉकलेट कपकेक

अनेकप्रसंगी घरी केळी शिल्लक राहतात आणि मग ह्या जास्त पिकलेल्या केळ्यांचे काय करावे हे समजत नाही. अशावेळी तुम्ही ‘बनाना चॉकलेट कपकेक’ तयार करू शकता, जे निश्चितच सर्वांना आवडतील. बनाना अॅण्ड … Continue reading बनाना चॉकलेट कपकेक

तिळगुळाचे लाडू

नुकतीच संक्रांत झाली. अर्थातच घरोघरी गूळपोळ्या आणि तिळगुळाच्या लाडवांचा बेत झालाच असेल. आपल्याकडे संक्रांतीपासून रथसप्तमीपर्यंत हळदी-कुंकू केलं जातं. हळदी-कुंकवाच्या कार्यक्रमांमध्ये लुटण्याच्या वस्तूंबरोबरच तिळाच्या लाडवांमध्येही वैविध्य असतं. काही घरांमध्ये गुळाचा पाक … Continue reading तिळगुळाचे लाडू


Mamra Ladoo (Puffed Rice Balls) is easy to make as winter healthy recipe. This crispy sweets balls are delicious and loved and is relished by both young and old generation. … Continue reading MAMRA LADOO


Seviyan kheer or vermicelli payasam is a traditional popular dessert. Seviyan is a delicious and an easy recipe to make. Its creamy, delicious and also very easy to prepare. INGREDIENTS … Continue reading VERMICELLI PAYASAM

Mango delight

MANGO ICE CREAM MADE BY SOURAV Mangoes are available in this season only. So I thought to make Aamras and secondly Ice cream. And I am really excited to share … Continue reading Mango delight


I prepare all kind of chikki at home. Til chikki, mamra chikki, peanut and daliya etc. I have grown seeing my mom making these delicious sweets each year with great enthusiasm. … Continue reading TILACHI CHIKKI


TILGUL POLI TILGUL POLI in Marathi and yell holige in Kannada is made across Maharashtra and North Karnataka during the Makar Sankranti festival. Sesame seeds being good for increasing the body … Continue reading TILGUL POLI


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GRAPES POPSICLES Grape popsicle is very refreshing especially during hot summers and its perfect to have a Popsicle now. The tangy flavor of lemon compliments well with the grapes so … Continue reading GRAPES POPSICLES


SHRIKHAND In India, New Year is celebrated in various ways and known by different names in different state. In KASHMIR, it is known as NAVREH. In south Indian states like … Continue reading SHRIKHAND