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दहीवडे     साहित्य उडदाची डाळ १ कप मीठ चवीनुसार हिरवी मिरची ४ कढीपत्ता १० पाने दही मिश्रण साहित्य दही ३ कप साखर अथवा मध             … Continue reading दहीवडे


GRAPES POPSICLES Grape popsicle is very refreshing especially during hot summers and its perfect to have a Popsicle now. The tangy flavor of lemon compliments well with the grapes so … Continue reading GRAPES POPSICLES

कलिंगड ज्युस  (WATERMELON JUICE)

कलिंगड ज्युस Recipe type ……Beverage Serve ……….       3-4 glasses साहित्य कलिंगड . . . . . . . . १ लहान साखर किंवा मध . . .चवीनुसार ( साधारण २ … Continue reading कलिंगड ज्युस  (WATERMELON JUICE)


SHRIKHAND In India, New Year is celebrated in various ways and known by different names in different state. In KASHMIR, it is known as NAVREH. In south Indian states like … Continue reading SHRIKHAND