Fish fry

Fish fry is one of the easiest and quick recipe. Needs very basic ingredients and gets ready in jiffy. A perfect recipe for crisp lovers! आमच्या गावाकडे खानदेशात हि वाम … Continue reading Fish fry

Perfect Fish Curry

साहित्य वाम – फ्रेश वाम १/२ किलोकांदा – १ मध्यमसुके खोबरे – १ मध्यम तुकडा किंवा १/४ कप किसलेले सुके खोबरेकोथिंबीर – १/४ कपधणे – १ चमचाआले – १ इंचलसुण … Continue reading Perfect Fish Curry


Prep. Time 20 min. Cooking time 10 min. Serves 6-7 parathas Ingredients For outer covering Whole-wheat flour 2 Cups Salt ½ Tsp Oil 1 tsp Butter for shallow fry Dry … Continue reading STUFF PARATHA