बनाना चॉकलेट कपकेक

अनेकप्रसंगी घरी केळी शिल्लक राहतात आणि मग ह्या जास्त पिकलेल्या केळ्यांचे काय करावे हे समजत नाही. अशावेळी तुम्ही ‘बनाना चॉकलेट कपकेक’ तयार करू शकता, जे निश्चितच सर्वांना आवडतील. बनाना अॅण्ड … Continue reading बनाना चॉकलेट कपकेक

Vrat ka Dhokla

Healthy and delicious savory steamed cake made with barnyard millet and tapioca pearls. Vrat ka dhokla is light, spongy and full of flavor! It is a quick and simple phalahari … Continue reading Vrat ka Dhokla


Maggie and its dishes are widely accepted by all age groups. Now a days wraps and rolls are highly popular among Kids and youngsters. This Maggie Roll will not only … Continue reading MAGGIE ROLLS


INGREDIENTS  Idly batter                              3 cup Spinach leaves                   … Continue reading COLORED IDLI


Hello everyone of you. It is my great privilege to bring to your kind notice that today suvarnaskitchen’s is celebrating its first Anniversary. First of all I would like to … Continue reading SIMPLE CAKE RECIPE


Serve this DHOKALA CAKE as a finger food or starter for the party menu. I smear a simple coriander-coconut chutney between the two layers and pink beetroot chutney On top of … Continue reading DHOKALA CAKE