This chicken recipe taste awesome over basmati rice.


Chicken                                              750 gms.

Yogurt                                                1 cup

For masala paste

Onions                                              2

Tomato                                             1

Coconut grated                              1/4 cup

Garlic cloves                                  10-12

Ginger                                             2″

Green chilies                                2-3

Coriander leaves                        Handful


Grind all masala ingredients to a fine paste. Add little water if needed. Keep this masala paste aside.

Cashew                                     15-20

Soak Cashew in water for 20 min. then make a paste from it and keep aside.

Dry spices

Red chili powder                   1 Tsp

Jeera powder                          1 Tbsp

Dhania powder                      1 Tbsp

Haldi                                         1/2 Tsp

Salt                                            To taste


Cloves                                    3-5

Cardamon                            3-4

Peppercorn                         7-8

Cinnamon                            1″


Heat oil in a thick bottom vessel.Add all whole garam masala… one by one.Add medium size cut chicken pieces and roast well on high flame, until chicken

pieces changes its color.829ac939-dfd6-4657-ac2c-b2efedcc705e.jpg

Add salt and grounded masala paste, mix with chicken well. Simmer the flame , cover the vessel and cook for 10 min.Then add dry spices Haldi, Red chili powder, Jeera powder and Dhania powder Mix well. Cook in this masala for 5-7 min. Then add Yogurt and cashew paste. See the consistency , Add 1/2 cup of water if needed.4b1e35b6-9225-4a92-ac6b-5626eb9dcad3.jpg

Cover the vessel cook till chicken cooked well. Sprinkle some coriander over it . Korma has a medium consistency… nor thick nor….

Serve hot with Basmati rice…..c0ababb7-b32c-469e-be4f-9eddde2ea2c5.jpg

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