Mamra Ladoo (Puffed Rice Balls) is easy to make as winter healthy recipe.

This crispy sweets balls are delicious and loved and is relished by both young and old generation.

These mamra ladoo are made without oil or ghee still they are very tasty. Using jaggery instead of white sugar retains the traditional charm of this recipe It is more fun to have because that crunchy murmura ladoos gives a superb mouthfeel.

It is so quick and easy. The only thing to be taken care is the jaggery should be properly caramelized. Having murmura ladoo in cold winter is more fun.

And it does not required much cooking time.

Puffed rice 3 cups
Jaggery 1 cup
Ghee 1-2 Tbsp

Clean and roast puffed rice on a very low heat in a heavy bottom pan for 2-3 min., so it gets more crunchy.

Heat ghee in a pan , add grated jaggery.

Keep stirring on a low heat until jaggery starts bubbling.


Add roasted puffed rice into jaggery mixture and stirring continuously till all the puffed rice is coated with jaggery, Turn off the heat.

Transfer the mixture into another tray. Now work very fast, apply some drops of ghee in your palms and take small amount of mixture and make round balls.

You have to be very quick and finish making them before mixture gets cold. When they are cool, store them in a airtight container.

Enjoy this healthy version of sweet during kite festival.

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