Choco chips Modak

It is quick and easy to make Modaks for Ganesh festival.

Make Rava Cocoa Modaks For this year Ganesha festival and enjoy with your family, fusion version of Modaks.


Sooji (Rava)            1 cup

Maida                       1/2 cup

Ghee                         3/4 cup

Sugar                        1 cup

Crushed pistachio 3-4 Tbsp

Milk                            1/2 cup

Cocoa powder         2-3 Tbsp

Choco  chips            4-5 Tbsp


Heat ghee in a pan over medium low heat. Roast Rava, Maida and Pistachio until slightly changes its color. Its important to stir continuously making sure Rava and Maida roast evenly. Turn off the heat.

Mix cocoa powder with milk. Mix it well without lumps, add some more milk if needed.

Mix this cocoa milk in roasted rava-maida-pistachio mixture, mix it quickly.

Allow the mixture to cool slightly. Add sugar n mix it. Wait until it is cool down completely. Rub well this mixture on palm .

Sprinkle choco  chips, mix it in the mixture.

Make same size Modaks, grease your fingers using ghee and start shaping the Modaks.

If you are using mould, grease Modak mould with ghee. Shape out all the Modaks….

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