Upma as extremely common yet lovable Indian snack.
PREPARATION TIME                               10 min.
COOKING TIME                                         10 min.
MAKES                                                         4 servings
Oil                                                                  1 Tbsp
Mustard seeds                                           1 Tsp
Curry leaves                                               6-7
Onion                                                           1
Green chilies                                              2-3
Semolina (Rava)                                     1 Cup
Salt                                                               To taste
Green peas                                                 1/2 Cup
Hing                                                             A pinch
Dry roast the semolina for 5 min. on low flame and keep aside. Boil 2 1/2 cup of water and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan or kadhai, add mustard seeds. When the seeds  crackle, add hing, curry leave and chopped green chilies. Add finely chopped onion, saute on a medium flame till the onion turn translucent.187f2d93-4f4e-4670-9945-bf00c210e9d3 Add the semolina and saute on a low flame for another 2-3 min. Add green peas and salt.

7c4814f3-f138-4397-8ff5-5b9a19cfa69a.jpgAdd hot water, mix well.382e183c-487c-4041-99e9-fd5308213719.jpg Cover the pan and cook for 5 min., stirring once in between. Ready…

Place equal portions of Upma on plates. Garnish with coriander or grated coconut or shev as per your like……

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