Paneer is most favorite for many of us. Thus sweet corns also favorite ingredients of me and many of us. Very frequently I use sweet corn in many of dishes. Even I love to add many rice varieties , snacks and …. Delicious sweet corn adds a nice flavor to the masala and adding paneer to this tasty masala enriches the whole dish.

PREP. TIME                    10-15 min.

COOKING TIME             15-20 min.

Serves                             4

CUISINE                          Indian


Paneer                            200 Gms

Sweet corn                    200 Gms

Onion                             2

Bayleaf                          1

Cloves                            2-3

Cinnamon                     1

Red chili powder         2 Tsp

Tomato                         2

Garam masala             1 Tsp

Oil                                  2 Tbsp

Salt                                 To taste

Butter                            2 Tbsp

Coriander                     1 small bunch

Ginger- garlic paste    1 Tsp

Cumin seeds                ½ Tsp


Boil sweet corn in sufficient water till they become tender.

34f6b80a-8af0-4e43-bc6c-65a0c50d8294.jpg Grind the onions,Bay leaf, cinnamon, Tomatoes and coriander to make smooth paste. Heat oil in a kadhai, add cumin seeds let them splutter

7e3ee58c-403d-46a0-bb43-9ca48968feed.jpgadd grounded paste and stir fry well for 5 min.

af44ece7-4e92-4390-9727-318d89ace145.jpgSimmer the flame  Add ginger-garlic paste , red chili powder, turmeric powder ,garam masala and salt.

374fa78f-d803-489b-869f-8e9d79d75606.jpg Sprinkle some water to prevent masala from burning. Saute it till the oil separates from the masala.

Add boiled corn corn and mix well.

Add some water to thin down the consistency of the gravy  (1/2 glass appro.)

9147161b-a32a-4771-b813-4cd7cce7db1e.jpg Cook the gravy for 4-5 min.

Cut the paneer in square pieces . Add the paneer in gravymix gently and cook for 2 min.

Switch off the flame add butter. Serve hot…. Garnish with grated cheese



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