This instant handavo is made from Semolina. Very easy, quick and healthy. Can be serve with Tea or simply eat itself with chutney
PREPARATION TIME                 10 Min.
Cook time                                     30 Min.
Serves                                            4
Semolina                                       2 cups
Green chilies                                2-3
Corn                                                1 cup
Coriander chopped                     2 Tbsp
Onion                                              1
Eno                                                   1 Tsp
Sesame seeds                                3 Tbsp
Salt                                                   To taste
Coconut milk                                1 cup

Ginger                                         1″

Mix semolina with coconut milk to make a thick batter, add water as per need. Keep this batter side for 10-15 min. In that time chop onion, green chilies and coriander finely. Add chopped material in semolina and mix it well. Also add corn, grated ginger, salt and eno. Mix it very well. Put a non-stick pan to heat.
Put 1 1/2 Tbsp of oil in it. Add 1 Tbsp of sesame in oil, pour 1/3 batter in it. Cover and cook on low flame, up to the base crisp and golden brown( approx. 5-7 min.)
Flip over, allow other side to crisp and golden brown. Place it on a rack for 2 min. Cut wedges and serve hot with chutney or sauce.


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