Surmai fish                            4 pieces (approx. 1 kg)

Red chili powder                  2 Tsp

Turmeric powder                1/2 Tsp

Lemon                                   1/2

Ginger                                   1″

Garlic cloves                        8-10


Garam masala                    1 Tsp

Green chilies                      2

Salt                                        As per taste

Semolina                            For coating the fish

Oil                                        For shallow frying


Clean the fish well, keep aside for draining excess water. 99bcd921-4c20-42c3-bb20-1f14f85061a3

Ground coarsely, Ginger, Garlic, Green chilies and coriander.

Take the fish in a bowl, marinate fish with grounded paste , salt , red chili powder and lemon juice. Rub it well on Surmai pieces. Set in fridge for 1 hour.50bb7adc-50fe-463f-8392-09b77d25c6e0

Heat some drops of oil in non stick pan. Take some semolina in a plate , Roll the surmai pieces in Semolina. Place the Surmai pieces in hot pan and shallow fry on medium-low flame till the outer side is equally golden then flip it till the other side becomes golden.af859c64-3a3d-41e7-a565-567ac051ac11

Garnish with a lemon slice, Serve hot…. 9c4f3101-bcd0-475e-a27c-8e246238fee2



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