Mango delight



Mangoes are available in this season only. So I thought to make Aamras and secondly Ice cream. And I am really excited to share here, this Mango ice cream recipe which is made by my son SOURAV. This mango ice cream is so creamy, rich and soft. And it was like heaven melt in my mouth. And why not, It has full and real flavor of mango in it. Homemade mango ice cream is much much better than we bring it from store. When you make it at home, there is no artificial flavors or colors in it which is really a advantage.

RECIPE TYPE                                      Dessert

PREP. TIME                                        30 Min.

CUISINE                                               World

SERVES                                                6


Alphonso  mangoes                          2

Heavy fresh cream                           200 gms

Sugar                                                    3-4 Tbsp. / Depends on sweetness of the fruit

Vanilla extract                                  ½ Tsp.


Peel and chop the mangoes.

Blend the mangoes with sugar to a smooth pulp.


Whip the cream till soft peaks are formed.

shrikhand3Then add the mango pulp, fold and mix it well, also add vanilla and mix gently.

20150423_131526.jpgPour this mixture in ice cream container, cover the container and place into the freezer. When the ice cream half frozen remove from freezer. Whip again for 1-2 minute. Again pour it in container, keep in freeze to set. Scoop the mango ice cream to serve topped with chocolate syrup or chocolate sauce…..Tasty

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