Tikki Burger- A fusion snack recipe that combines Indian traditional chaat and Western fast food. Aloo tikki is most popular snack or street food, but I have made veggie Burger. Very simple reason for this, it’s healthy and full of nutritious. I have always tried different types of burgers using vegetables. A one version for you. It’s moist, super crispy from outside and soft inside. I would like to grill it in oven or shallow fry on pan instead of deep frying and it’s come out pretty. It’s always better option for calorie conscious person. Kids just love it a lot. Do try…..
Cuisine.              International ( Indian version)
Category.                               Snacks
Cook time.                            10 min.
Preparation.                          30 min.
Total time.                             40 min.
Burger buns.                          4
American cheese slices.     8
Tomatoes.                              2
White onion.                           1
American mustered
Lettuce leaves.                       4
Salt.                                          As per taste
Oil.                                           For shallow fry
Cornflakes.                            1/4 cup
Breadcrumbs.                        1 cup
Cauliflower chopped.            1/2 cup
Green peas.                             1/4 cup
Spinach leaves.                       5-6
Garlic butter
Pepper powder                        1 tsp
Green chilies.                          4
Powder the cornflakes and keep in a bowl. Add finely chopped cauliflower, smashed boiled potato, half crushed green peas,chopped onion, crushed green chilies,finely chopped spinach leaves, salt and pepper powder. Mix all these ingredients and keep aside for 5-10 min.

To prepare bread crumbs,

remove the corners I.e. brown part of the bread and powered it in a mixie. Homemade instant bread crumbs are ready. Set aside in a plate.

Now make patty of the above mixture and coat it with breadcrumbs.


Shallow fry all the patties on simmer, use few drops of oil. Make all patties crisp and golden brown in both the sides.

Arrange the Burger
Take the Burger bun and slit into two rounds. Apply butter and toast in pan.

38ceeb81-40b0-48a1-8469-09f9398cf132Take bottom part of the bun and apply mayonnaise, green and red chili sauce on it.

Place lettuce n celery on the bun. Keep the Patty.

6cf83e53-6d36-45fd-9708-95c3cdf93505.jpg Arrange tomato and onion rings on it.

Place cheese slice on it.On the second portion of the bun apply mayonnaise with some sauce, as per your choice. Adjust the quantity of  mayonnaise as per your taste. I am not placing lettuce or celery because my son doesn’t like it

Serve hot…………..

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