Soft, spongy and melt in mouth Gulab Jamuns drenched in delicately flavored sugar syrup is a traditional sweet in India.

This homemade Gulab Jamun is tried, tested and never failed recipe. Today I am going to share this recipe with you on the auspicious occasion of “GUDIPADWA”
RECIPE TYPE                                     Dessert
PREPARATION TIME                      35 Min.
Cook time                                            10-15 Min.
Serves                                                   18-20 Gulab jamuns
For the Jamuns
Khoya/ Mava                                     200 gm
Paneer                                                 100 gm
Maida                                                 3 Tbsp
Semolina                                           2 Tbsp
Milk                                                    1 Tbsp or as required
Oil or ghee                                        To fry Jamuns
Green cardamom powder           1 Tsp
Baking powder                               1/4 Tsp
Take fresh khoya in a bowl. Its better to grate the mava first so no lumps remains, then mash it well. Then add grated paneer, Semolina, Maida, Cardamom powder and
Baking powder, Mix well. Add little milk to form a smooth and soft dough, there should be no lumps in the mix. Dont kned, just gently mix all together. Cover the
dough and keep aside for 25-30 min.


For Sugar Syrup
Sugar                         250 gm
Water                       260 ml
Rose water             1 Tbsp
Heat Sugar and water solution till it become sticky. Add rose water You just switch of the fire before the syrup reaches a one thread consistency. Sieve the sugar
to remove impurities in it. Place this syrup in wide pot.
How to proceed
Now take the dough, and make small balls from it . If you are unable to form balls from the dough, just sprinkle some milk and mix it again. Make small and smooth balls from it and cover them under wet cloth.

Meanwhile Heat ghee or oil, when the ghee is medium hot, lower the flame.
Gently place the Gulab Jamuns in it, 3-5 at a time. Once the Jamuns starts to change its colour. Keep on rotating them in ghee with spoon. So the Jamuns are evenly
browned from all the sides.
Place the hot Jamuns in hot sugar syrup. Hot syrup help the Gulab jamuns to absorb syrup and become soft and sweet. The jamuns increase in size a bit.
Serve Gulab Jamuns hot or cold. Garnish with pistachio slivers…..



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