Today I am going to share with a simple, healthy and tasty mutton soup. This healthy soup warms up the coldest wintry days as it is a very good remedy for common cold and cough. Also this thin and light soup makes a fine and refreshing start for the main meal.
Mutton                                                       500 Grams
Oil                                                                1 Tbsp
Cumin                                                         1 Tbsp
Onion                                                          2 medium size
Green chilies                                             2
Salt                                                               As per taste
Bay leaves                                                   2
Garlic                                                           6-7 cloves
Ginger                                                          1 inch
Turmeric                                                     2 Tsp
Coriander                                                    Finely chopped
Water                                                           1 Liter
Clean the Mutton and keep aside.

Grind Ginger, Garlic and Green chilies.
Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add cumin seeds.

Add bay leafs and grounded paste.
Stir for a while then add finely chopped Onions, let it be translucent.
Add mutton pieces and salt saute it,add turmeric and saute it till this mutton pieces changes
its color.


Add water and coriander. Cover the lid of cooker, wait till 2-3 whistles, on medium flame. Off the flame and wait till the pressure is released.

Now MUTTON SOUP is  ready to serve. You can add pepper powder for extra spiciness.

You can also make tasty curry from this soup



For the curry


Dry red chilies                                           7-8

Dry coconut (grated)                               1/4 cup

Sesame                                                         1 Tbsp

Coriander seeds                                        1 Tbsp

Bay leaf                                                       2

Cinnamon stick                                       2 inch

Cloves                                                        4-5

Black peppercorn                                   10-12

Green cardamon                                     5-6


Dry roast all ingredients one by one and keep aside for some time for cooling. Grind it finely.

This Mutton masala is for 1/2 kg. Mutton.

You can make this masala in quantity and store it in air tight container.

This masala gives your recipe a nice aroma and great taste.


Oil                                         4-5 Tbsp

Onion                                   2

Coriander leaves              1/2 Bunch

Ginger                                  1 inch

Garlic cloves                      8-10

Turmeric powder             1 Tsp

Red chili powder             1 Tbsp 


Chop the Onions lengthwise and shallow fry on griddle using few drops of oil up to Onion changes its color dark brown.

Grind roasted onion, Coriander leaves with some stems, Ginger and Garlic. Make a smooth paste. Use water if needed.

Heat oil in a pan or mud pot. Add grounded  Paste , saute it just for a minute. Add Turmeric powder, Red chili powder and grounded Mutton masala. Mix well and saute for a minute.

20150104_121633 Now add Mutton and soup in it, mix well. Add little salt , adjust water. Cook the Rassa (curry) for 10 min. on medium flame. Ready  MUTTON RASSA serve with Bhakari or Chapati.




For 2 Bhakari

Jowar                             2 cups


Salt                               (optional)


Take Jowar flour in a plate ( parat) or bowl.

I am not using salt for Bhakari. But if you want to add  then add 1 Tsp of salt and mix it.

Using water knead into a soft and smooth dough.

Divide the dough into equal portion.

Put the Griddle on Gas for heating.

Dust some dry flour on rolling board. Take one portion of dough , using dry flour roll it like a ball. Also sprinkle some dry flour on the dough ball.

Roll out the Bhakari gently with your palms. Lightly press as well as rotate the Bhakari  in round shape. Make semi thick Bhakari.


Gently lift the bhakari with hands . Place the Bhakari on hot griddle with the floured side facing up.

20150103_201041 Spread some water all over the Bhakari, on this side with your fingers.

20150103_201107 Let the base cook 1/4 and water started to evaporates , then flip the Bhakari. Allow to cook this watered side till you see light brown spots. Invert it and place it on fire directly. The bhakari began to puff up. Remove from fire…..

20150103_201029The Bhakari will be ready to serve with spicy, hot Mutton curry.






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