Idly batter                              3 cup
Spinach leaves                       15
Beetroot                                 small 1
Garlic                                     2 petals
Salt                                        To taste
Ghee                                      1 Tb spoon
Green chilli                           1
Sugar                                     1 Tspoon
In earlier post I explained very well how to prepare Idly batter.  Follow the method. ( IDLY SAMBAR )

Boil spinach leaves in steamer for 5 min. When it’s cool grind it with garlic and 1 green chilli. Keep aside

Peel the beetroot and carrot grate it, Keep aside




Divide Idly batter in 4 parts.


In 1 part of Idly batter add spinach mixture and salt . Mix it well. .Keep aside
In second part of Idly batter add grated beetroot and salt. Mix it well. Keep it aside.

In third part add grated carrot keep aside.

In the last part of Idly batter add salt. Mix well


Now boil water in Idly steamer.  Grease Idly stand with ghee.
Pour 1 Tb spoon of green batter.
Slowly pour 1 Tb spoon of green batter on side.Now pour white batter very slowly.
Put this stand in steamer , very carefully.Also make your own variations… as per your own imagination

A Boil it for 10 min. —And kids favorite colorful Idly ready for serving.

Serve it with colorful chutneys. Kids just love it.


Also try…..


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