I prepare all kind of chikki at home.

Til chikki, mamra chikki, peanut and daliya etc.

I have grown seeing my mom making these delicious sweets each year with great enthusiasm.

It might seems tricky at first but once you learn the trick its actually easy and quite quick to make chikki.

I have made both til chikki and til ladoo.

Laddoo and chikki both are made from same material Jaggery and sesame.

Just instead of rolling flat you need to make balls from it.

Just be
careful while making tilgul laddu as the hot jaggery might burn your hand.
Til                                                             100 Gms
Jaggery                                                     1/2 cup
Ghee                                                         1 Tbsp
Water                                                        1 Tbsp
Dry roast the til.


Heat ghee in a pan also heat grated jaggery.

9825580f-ab2a-471d-ae3a-647314198275Add 1 Tbsp of water, by adding water you will get time to roll chikki or else it would get hard soon.

Heat the jaggery on low flame.

Slowly the jaggery will start to melt.


Once the jaggery melted, you will see lot of bubble coming, stir continuously.

Stir until the bubbles disappear.


Add roasted sesame seeds, combine well quickly.


Prepare flat surface by applying ghee on it, also grease rolling pin to avoid
chikki sticking to it.

Take the mixture on greased surface. Greased your palm with ghee form a big round ball and spread it little by hand.


Then roll it with greased rolling pin, as thin as you want.

2fd553e7-a85d-4726-ae3a-c047bc00c4c7 After rolling make the cut immediately ,using knife.




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