Bharali Vangi is a traditional Maharashtrian dish.

It is famous menu for many functions and weddings in Maharashtra.
Today on the occasion of BHOGI , I am sharing easy Bharli Vangi recipe which is huge hit in my family.
Baby Brinjals                                                           250 Grams
Peanuts                                                                     1/2 cup
Sesame seeds                                                          1/2 cup
Onion                                                                         1
Turmeric powder                                                    1 Tsp
Red chili powder                                                     1 Tsp
Garam masala or Mah. Goda masala                1 Tsp
Hing                                                                            pinch of
Oil                                                                                3 Tbsp
Salt                                                                              As per taste
Mustard seeds                                                         1 Tsp
Coriander                                                                  1/2 cup
Wash the Brinjals, slit them into 4 without breaking.


Soak the Brinjals in salted water for 10 min.

भरली वांगी .jpg

Dry roast Peanuts and Sesame seeds separately, till they are browned and smell fragrant.

Chop the Onion lengthwise.
When peanuts and sesame cool down, grind it with Turmeric powder,Red chili powder, Garlic, Goda (Maharashtrian   Sweet Masala ) masala and salt , coriander.
Grind it coarsely.


Combine this mixture with 1 Tbsp oil, chopped Onion and roughly chopped Coriander in a bowl.

Stuffed the Brinjals with this masala, keep aside some masala for gravy.


In a pan heat oil add Mustard seeds and Hing.
Place all brinjals carefully.

20150303_122411.jpgStir it gently up to they are slightly browned, add remaining masala, stir this masala with brinjals.


Add water, allow it to boil. Now reduce the heat ( Flame ), cover the pan for 20 min. or until brinjals get cooked, stirring occasionally.


Serve hot with Chapati or Bajra roti.






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