Veg. Idlis are not only colorful and delicious but also very healthy. Many parents have problems making their kids to eat veggies .  By serving these Idlis you can encourage  your kids to eat vegetables.

I made simple  variation. But you also try Potato, Carrot, coriander, Cabbage, Cauliflower and many more vegetables of your choice.

Enjoy Happy and Healthy Cooking.



Rice                                                                             3 cups
Urad dal                                                                       1 cup
Cashew Roasted in Ghee                                            As per req. ( Appr. 10-15  )

Herbs                                                                          As per req.
Sweet Corn                                                                 1 bowl
Black Pepper Powder                                                  As per req.

Red chilli flakes                                                           As per req.

Green peas                                                                1 bowl

Salt                                                                              As per taste

Coconut milk                                                               1 Cup

Soak rice and urad dal for 5-6 hours, Grind rice and urad separately to make batter. While grinding use Coconut milk .

Coconut Milk gives  a soothing flavor & soft texture to Idalis.


Mix both rice and dal,set aside to ferment for 5 hours approx.
Add salt in batter.


Brush idli tray with oil.
Pour fermented batter in idli mould.
Sprinkle black pepper, red chili powder, herbs on Idlis one by one.

Place roasted cashew nuts/sweet corn (whichever you prefer).

idli 1idli 4idli 5
Steam it in idli steamer of pressure (Without the whistle) for 10-12 min.

Let it rest for another 5 min.
With a Spoon remove the Idlis.

Dip the spoon in water in between,which will help to remove the Idlis from the plate easily.

idli 2idli
Try this Veg. Idlis for a change instead of regular Idli.

It is a great way to sneak veg. for our kids.
You can serve it with green chutney/peanut chutney or shezwan chutney just for a change.

it tastes delicicious, you can also have it with sambhar.


You can surprise your kids with these amazing Idlis with their favorite chutney in their Tiffin, Kids will definitely love it.

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