RICE                                  1kg
Cumin Seeds                    2TSp.
Cloves-                              4
Onions                              1Small
Redchilli powder-           1tbsp
SAlt                                    As per taste
Garam masala-               1tbsp
1. Wash the rice and make 2 parts(1/2 kg.).

Boil water in a vessel add one part of rice, salt , ghee and lemon juice, parboil it.
Later strain the rice and spread it on a clean surface (a tray or a big plate) so that it cools faster.
2. For other part of rice
Heat ghee in a pan, add cumin seeds, cloves,and chopped slice onions, saute it.

Add garam masala, salt , red chili powder and Turmeric. Add remaining rice , and parboil
it. Spread it on a big plate.

Chicken                          1kg
Ghee                               As per need
Cloves                            4
Black pepper                8
Cilamon stick              2
cardamon                     5
black cardamon          2
Star anaized                3
Onion                           4
Red chili powder
Salt                               As per taste
Coriander Powder    1 Tsp
Bey leaves                  2
sauf                             1 tbsp
Garlic                          10
Ginger                        1 1/2 inch
curd                            1/2 cup
Milk                            3/4th cup
charcoal                     small piece

For preparing  Masala
Dry roast black pepper, cinnamon ,star anaized ( Chakra Fool ), sauf, cloves, cardamon ,bay leaf grind it with ginger garlic coriander powder and coriander and keep it aside.

Heat 2-3 tbs of ghee in a pan add cumin seeds,chopped sliced onion and caramilised it.

keep aside half OF THE ONIONS.
Add chicken in the pan and saute it  for 5 minutes till it changes its color add salt , turmeric powder, red chili powder and grounded masala saute it properly.
Add curd ,mix it nicely and cover it with lid for 20-25 minutes.
Take a heavy bottom pan and grease it with ghee.

Spread masala rice on it.

Then spread chicken all over the rice, also spread remaining caramlised onion evenly.

Then spread white rice on it.

Put some dollops of ghee on it.


Sprinkle milk on it. Cover it and let it cook for 10 min. on simmer.

Take a small steel bowl and put a piece of a burn charcoal, pour a spoonful of ghee on coal.


Put this bowl on biryani and cover it with lid properly for 1/2 an hour, keep this biryani on very low fire.

So the smoking flavor, aroma spread in biryani. Remove the lid just before serve and then ENJOY the SMOKIE BIRYANI.

s biryani1


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