POTATO medium(boiled)                     3-4
GREEN PEAS                                          1/2 bowl
CABBAGE finely chopped                     1/2 bowl
CORIANDER powder                             1/2 TSP
GREEN CHILLI paste                            1/2 TSP
RED CHILLI powder                              1/2 TSP
SALT                                                          as per taste
MAYONNAISE                                        as per requir.
RED CHILLI sauce                                 as per requir.
CORIANDER                                           as per requir.
BREAD crumbs                                       3/4 bowl
BREAD slices                                           as per requir.
OIL                                                             as per requir.
BUTTER                                                   as per requir.

Smashed boiled POTATOES,add grated CABBAGE,GREEN PEAS,chopped CORIANDER, CORIANDER powder, GREEN CHILI paste, SALT and bread crumbs.
Mix all together well.

Now make round and same size PATTIES.

On a non-stick pan or griddle shallow fry all patties in less oil, on slow flame.

Make all patties crisp
Cut bread slices in round shape with the help of round shape cutter or bowl.


Spread BUTTER on slices, and keep on pan just for a minute, it should be moist.

Dont make it crisp.

Now take a warm and moist round shape BREAD slice, spread 1 TSP mayonnaise and 1/2 TSP RED CHILLI sauce on it.


Place a patty on it.

On another bread slice spread tomato sauce on it and cover it on patti.


Make all bread cutlets in the same way….


Its ready, serve immediately…. enjoy it with sauce or as it is.

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