This Sunday my children started demanding to make it special by something new and yummy. So I just came with idea of  making something special which is readily available.

This is quite different by real and really delicious. My husband just loved it and now my family ask me to make it  again and again.

Just try it and your family and relatives will not stop licking their fingers like we say in Hindi “Ongaliya chatate  rehjaogee”

So lets start with our new and my version of Paneer Barbeque.


Coriander 1 Bowl
Grated fresh coconut ¼ Bowl
Green Chilies 6-7 nos
Salt  To taste
Panner 200 Gms
Tomato 2 nos medium size
Onion 1 no medium size
Capsicum 2 nos medium size
Curd 1/3 Bowl



Grind coconut, Green chilies, Coriander, Salt, with curd.


Add water if required.


Keep it aside.

Cut the Paneer in medium size square pieces.

Marinate the paneer pieces with the  paste and keep it in freeze for ½ an hour.


Till that time cut the Tomato’s,Onion and Capsicum’s.


After 1/2 an hour take the marinated stuff and arrange paneer, onion tomato and capsicums on the Skewers.


You can grill it on griller or pan.


Grill it well till all sides turn brownish.


Or u just just keep one side’s paste as it as it can substitute the different types of chutney.


And it is ready to be served as a Started.



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