Grape popsicle is very refreshing especially during hot summers and its perfect to have a Popsicle now.

The tangy flavor of lemon compliments well with the grapes so don’t skip it.


BLACK GRAPES                  2 cups ( choose some pulpy grapes which gives a nice colour and flavour )

Water                                    1/4 th cup

Sugar                                    1/3 cup

Lemon juice                         1 Tsp


First wash Black Grapes under running water , then soak them in water for some time.

Rinse them again well  in running water.

Remove the Grapes from its stem.

Transfer it to a blender / mixer or juicer.

Grind it and make a fine paste.

If you make it in mixer or juicer then strain through a strainer.

Discard the waste , squeeze lemon juice.

Add sugar and some water ,  stir well with a spoon until sugar is dissolve completely.

Transfer to a container with a sharp beak so that pouring to Popsicle mold is easy.

Now fill the Popsicle till 3/4th .


Cling wrap it with aluminium foil.



Carefully prick with a knife in center



Insert ice-cream sticks.



Alternatively you can even close it with your Popsicle mold lid itself.

Or use disposable plastic glasses or cups , it demolds easily or  you can even cut glasses or cups to get the Popsicles  out.

Defridge  Popsicle’s  atleast 8 hours.

Then take it out



and carefully show the outer surface under running tap water .



Carefully pull out the Popsicles.



Serve immediately.



Author    –    Suvarna Nitin Sali


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