Recipe type- Beverage

Serve- 3-4 glasses

A wonderful summer beverage

Make Watermelon juice to quench your thirst on a warm summer day.


Watermelon juice is

fat free. + contain zero calories

It is loaded with vit. A , B6 and C

It’s a great source of potassium.

Watermelon juice tastes sweeter because of its lower acidic content.


Watermelon                           A small (1 and ½ kg)

Sugar or Honey                     To taste (2 spoon)

Ice cubes                                10 -15

Soda ( carbonated water)   500 ml.

Salt                                          ½ T Spoon

Chat  masala                       Optional ( ½ T Spoon )


As watermelon grow resting on the ground thoroughly clean it up before cut.

Peel the watermelon  and slice its red part into chunks using a sharp knife.



Remove seeds using fork. Also scoop out some watermelon balls for garnishing.

Blend watermelon chunks , sugar ( as per your taste ) , ice cubes and salt  using mixer. Blend well until the juice is smooth.



Pour Watermelon Juice into the glass (half glass) .

Add some Soda and serve it immediately.

Optionally you can also add some chat masala while serving the WATERMELON JUICE.



Don’t strain the juice , the watermelon fiber are very useful for digestion.

Although any fruit juice freshly consumed has maximum health benefits  but if in large quantities , keep refrigerated to best preserve its freshness , taste and juiciness.

Don’t  keep it for more than 4 hours. It shall spoil the taste and hence become unpalatable.

One of the best ways is to freeze pureed watermelon in ice cube trays or in a covered container in freezer.


Author – Suvarna Sali

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