ONION POHA ( KANDA POHE) is a popular Maharashtrian breakfast recipe. My mom used to make Poha often for breakfast, it is either made by adding Onions , Potato’s or both in Poha. It is a light breakfast which can be made easily.


Here I present my new version of Kanda Poha, Which is Equally tasty but not as light as normal Kanda Poha , as it is covered with  the blanket of Omelet.

Its quite different yet interesting and even more tastier then simple Poha…

This Combination tastes extremely good.

If u dont like kanda poha and if u try it with omelet for sure u will start loving it.

Omelet is tasty and super-quick to knock together.

It can be served for breakfast as well as u can skip your lunch as u can also have it for brunch.

This recipe is specially dedicated to those who don’t like to stay in kitchen for long hours…

So, lets start…


Poha                                                     1.5 cup

Onion                                                    1 medium

Turmeric powder                                 1 T.spoon

Green Chilli                                           2

Curry leaves(optional)                        10

Oil                                                          1-1.5 Tb.spoon

Salt                                                        as per requirement

Mustard Seeds                                    1 T.spoon

Coriander                                              for garnishing

Cashew or nuts                                    6-8 your choice



Eggs                                                  2

Salt                                                   To taste

Pepper powder                              a pinch

Red chilli                                         1/2 T. spoon

Milk                                                  2-3 Tb spoon


At  first we make POHA


Rinse the thick(jada) Poha in a strainer under running water but don’t soak them in water. (Rinsing the Poha grains softens it easily.) And then keep it aside till the water drains out completely.

Heat oil in a pan, crackle the mustard seeds.

Add green chili ,curry leaves & half cut cashews or nuts.



Then add finely chopped onion and saute it till it TURN translucent.



Meanwhile take the drained and soft Poha. Take it in a bowl add salt , turmeric and mix gently.

omlet poha .jpg


Add the Poha and stir gently on low flame, cover and steam the Poha for 2 mins. Off the flame and give a stir again.

Its ready , sprinkle some finely chopped coriander.

poha omlet 4 .jpg

cover it and keep aside.


Now its OMELET time


Crack the eggs in the mixing bowl with salt , pepper and chili powder.


Beat well with a fork or egg beater add milk and whisk it again.


Put a small non stick frying pan on a low heat , when its hot sprinkle few drops of oil. Spread out the egg mixture evenly on the pan and cover it , turn it after sometime using a spatula.


Meanwhile serve Poha in a plate and then blanket the omelet over it.


U can also serve Poha Omlet with  pickle.


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