The winter mists are vanished into the spring sunshine. The last chilly winds blow as the Holi bonfire burns in every village. Holi is here with its plentiful harvest  and its time to celebrate . Holi is one of the oldest and the  major festival of India and is the most vibrant of all. The joy of Holi has no bound. The festival is celebrated across the four corners of India.

In Maharashtra , people have their own grand style of celebrating HOLI. A huge bonfire is made with dried leaves, branches of trees, logs and any other combustible material they can spare.

PURANPOLI ( Indian Whole- Wheat Flat breads with a Sweet Fillings ) is one of the prominent sweet dish prepared by every household of  Maharashtrian family. PURANPOLI is offered as a prasad .

In Karnataka PURANPOLI  known as Obbattu. In Gujarat VEDAMI. In Tamil Boli and in Andhra Pradesh its BOBATTU  



BENGAL GRAM(chana dal)                  2 cups

Grated JAGGERY                                  2 cups

WHEAT flour                                           2 cups

OIL                                                           3 Tbsp

SALT                                                        ½ Tsp

CARDAMOM powder                           1 Tsp

NUTMEG powder                                  ¼ Tsp

GHEE                                                      as per requirement


In cooker, cook the BENGAL GRAM , add enough water to immerse the dal completely and a bit on top. Cook upto 4-5 whistles so dal turns soft.

In a pot drain out excess water till the dal is absolutely dry, use strainer for that.

Retain this water to make katachi amti (curry). This water means kat and amati means curry. Keep aside this kat.

In a wok or pan add boiled chanadal and grated jaggery, mix it and cook on a low flame till it comes dough like consistency, which happen very soon.


Once you see it has come to a dough like consistency put off the flame. This is called as PURAN.


Now add cardamom and nutmeg powder to it and blend it to a fine and soft dough.

When its cool completely make balls out of the mixture, keep aside.


In a big plate or bowl add wheat flour, salt, oil and knead the dough with the help of water. The dough should be very soft and sticky. Keep it aside for half an hour.

After half an hour knead this wheat flour again by punching and folding it, knead well.

With greased palm, take one portion of the dough( same size of Puran ball ) and flattern it into a disc size of the palm, place a Puran ball in the center and fold the disc from all sides to cover the Puran ball completely.



On a well- floured board, gently roll out POLI (chapati) with the help of a rolling pin.


Please note that while rolling the pin the stuffing should not come out and all curves should be well sealed.


Roast PURANPOLI on a hot girdle, on both side.

Add some ghee around the poli.


Serve hot with a dollop of ghee and with steaming hot katachi amti.


PURANPOLI also taste heavenly good with cold creamy milk.

https://suvarnaskitchen.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/shrikhand/ https://suvarnaskitchen.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/shrikhand/





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