egg biryani 4.jpg

Egg biryani
The most easiest, delicious and flavorful rice affair and unlike other biryani preparations, it doesn’t take longer time.
Best to prepare when running short of time and desiring to have a special meal.
Fragrant rice cooked in aromatic biryani spices and boiled eggs to yield a delicious egg biryani.
Eggs                               4
Oil                                    3-4 Tb spoon
Green cardamom         4
Bay leaf                          1
Cloves                            4- 5
Cinnamon stick             1

Onion                              1 big

Green chilies.                1-2

Ginger.                          1 inch

Garlic                              4-5
Basmati rice.                  1 bowl
Turmeric powder           1/2 T.spoon
Tomato.                          1 medium
Red chili powder           1T poon
Salt                                  as per taste
Biryani masala.              2 T.spoon
Garam masala.             1 T.spoon
Yogurt.                           3 Tb spoon
Coriander                      3 Tb spoon
Pudina.                          10 leaves
Butter.                            1 Tb spoon
Boil eggs, shell them and prick them with fork randomly.

egg biryani
Shallow fry eggs in a non stick pan with butter, till the eggs become little-bit reddish and then add salt and biryani masala,switch off the flame, coat eggs with masala and keep aside.

egg biryani 2.jpg



Heat a pan with oil, add cumin seeds, bay leaf, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon stick. When it began to sizzle add crushed ginger and garlic, slit chilies and onion,  fry it till onion changes its color, it become lightly golden.
Add finely chopped tomato and cook until tomato become mushy.
Now add turmeric powder, red chili powder, salt and garam masala, mix all together.
Add yogurt and cook for a while.
Add basmati rice mix it and fry it for 2min

egg biryani 5.jpg
Then add required water, keep flame high.
Cook rice till it’s cooked half.
Then add boil and fried eggs, add coriander and Pudina mix it gently.


egg biryani 1.jpg
Then cook rice fully on low flame,fluff up the rice, and again cover it for 5-10 min.
Garnish with pure ghee fried cashews and serve hot with plain curd or raita.







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