Generally Sundays are enjoyed by doing lots of  things. Evenings are kept free for family outings and the Leading lady of the family wants to be free for kitchen activity during  evening hours. In most of the families in Mumbai for lunch  some thing delicious , sumptuous, spicy – dicy  menu is prepared and first choice is always Non-Veg. So this Sunday enjoy with CHICKEN CURRY. Have it , enjoy it with full tummy so that for dinner you will have light food and leading lady of the family will be free so that she will also enjoy with you all.

And do not forget to post your reviews and experience.


Cloves                                                     4-5

Green Cardamom                                   4

Oil-                                                          3-4 TB. Spoon

Tomato-                                                 1..Medium size

Onion-                                                    2-Medium size

Chicken-                                                ½ kg medium size pieces.

Turmeric powder –                                1 T  spoon

Red chili powder –                                2 TB. Spoon

Garam masala –                                   1 T spoon

Coriander Leaves–                                Half  small bowl

Pudina – ( Mint leaves )                         10-12 leaves

Dry Coriander powder-                            3 TB.spoon

Garlic-                                                   5 Cloves

Green chili –                                         3-4..Medium size

Potato-                                                 1 medium size


Heat oil in a pan.

Add cloves and cardamom, finely cut garlic and slit green chilies.

Add finely chopped onion, stir until onion turns transparent.Add chopped tomato and stir it for 2 min.

कोंबडी रस्सा 2

Add  chicken pieces, peeled and roughly chopped square pieces of potato and stir it all for 5 mins.

कोंबडी रस्सा 3


कोंबडी रस्सा 4

Then add coriander powder, turmeric powder mix it.

Add red chili powder and garam masala mix it well,Till colour of the mixture changes.

कोंबडी रस्सा

Now add roughly chopped coriander and pudina leaves and mix all together.

chicken curry 5


Add 2 and ½ glass of water and mix it well.

When it starts boiling, low the flame and cover the pan.

After 20-25 min. check  out for chicken. Chicken  pieces should be well cooked and soft.  Also check water contain. Chicken Gravy should not be too watery or not too thick.

If gravy is  too watery then boil it for sometime without lid and if its too thick then add some warm water.

When its done garnish with finely chopped coriander.Serve hot with chapati or rice.

कोंबडी रस्सा 6


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