Til Gul Roses

In state of Maharashtra, people exchange Tilgul (made from sesame seeds and Jaggery). While exchanging tilgul we greet each other saying “Tilgul ghya goad goad bola (Accept these Tilgul and speak sweet words).

During this festive season married women celebrate “HALDI KUMKUM” program; They are invited for a get-together called ‘HALDI KUNKU’ is a SPECIAL DAY for the women in Maharashtra. Women traditionally celebrate HALDI KUMKUM by putting Haldi and Kumkum on each other’s forehead and greet each other by giving Tilgul and giving some gift (vaan) and flower. They promise each other to be happy and forget all old things and always be happy

Traditionally Til Gul is always given in the form of Granules, Chips or Laddus so  I thought, Why not do something in a creative way?

So let us Make Roses  of Tilgul

chikki flower5







Dry roast sesame up to slightly golden brown.

Keep aside. In a non-stick pan Heat some ghee.


chikki flower1.jpg

add Jaggery

After Jaggery melts its starts bubbling up!!and changes its color.


chikki flower2.jpg

Put off the flame , add sesame in Jaggery and mix well.

Take a Tray or Thali and grease it well with pure ghee and spread this mixture..

And spread out it with the help of greased spatula.

chikki flower3.jpg


While it is hot Cut it in Medium sized square.

chikki flower4

chikki flower4.jpg

When it is  hot,it is very soft so  start giving shapes of Rose flower before it cools down as shown in pic

Decorate these Til Gul  Roses and keep it on Table during Haldi Kunku celebration. You will get lot of appreciation and Love.


chikki flower steps.jpg

chikki flower collage sq..jpg


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