Paysam is a special South Indian Classic Dessert with its rich & creamy taste.

It is made on occasion such as Onam and Pongal.

This is very easy to prepare with simple steps , even beginner can prepare it with full confidence….


What are we waiting for??

Lets start with the auspicious sweet Dish which is widely offered to the GOD


Rice-1/2 Bowl
Milk -1ltr
Sugar-1/2 Bowl
Cashew,Almonds,Pistachio-As per your choice

Wash the rice nicely and soak it in water for 3-4 Hours
Crush the rice gently with hand

Then take a thick vessel and boil the rice in same water

Add Milk along with its cream
Once it is half cooked add sugar…
let sugar dissolve properly…
Add all the dry fruits and saffron.
When the rice is perfectly cooked.
Switch off the flame…
Serve it hot or cool as u like…
Garnish it with Rose petals or Tutti-Frutti.


1)Keep low flame

2)Keep Stiring Continuously

3)Use thick vessel

4)Once it cools down it will look thick and creamy.

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