Bhogi Chi Bhaji 

Today we are going to make something special.

As the first festival of the new year in english calender is Bhogi&Sankranti.

14th Jan-1st Day is called BHOGI

15th Jan-2nd Day is called SANKRANTI

This festivals are celebrated in honour of Lord Indra “The God of Clouds & Rains”

Main food for bhogi is mixed veg And Bajra Roti(Known as Bhakri) with sesame seeds on it,rice&moong dal khichadi.20150111_173850

It keeps your body warm in winter.

So, lets make the traditional dish which  is cooked in every home in MAHARASHTRA, which is Mix-Veg popularly known as Bhogi Chi Bhaji 

Bhogi Chi Bhaji (Serves 4)


Oil-2 Tb.spoon

Mustard Seeds


Ginger-Grated approx half T.spoon

sesame seeds-1Tb. spoon

Seasame & Groundnut Powder- Ttb.spoon(2+2)


Brinjal-2 Chopped


Green Peas-1/4 Cup(optional)

Patato-Peeled & Chopped 1cup

Carrot-Peeled & Chopped 1/2Cup


Red Chilli Powder-1T spoon

Goda Masala/Garam Masala-1T Spoon


Salt-To Taste20150111_165425

Lemon Juice/Tamrind pulp-2T Spoon

Turmeric-1/2T spoon

Jeera-1/2T spoon

Tender Coconut-1/2Cup




Preheat oil in a kadhai, add musturd seeds, cumin seeds, astafodia(hing) , grated garlic,seasame seeds.

Add All vegies 1 by 1 saute after every vegie.

Add Turmic , Red Chilli powder , Salt , GaramMasala & Mix it well.

Add 1 cup of water & mix it well.

Cover it for 10 min’s.

Add Lemon Juice/Tamrind Pulp & Jaggery.

Add Seasame seeds& ground nut powder,Mix it well.

Cover it for 5 min’s , if necessary  Add Water in to it.

Check all vegies are properly cooked.

Garnish it with coconut and coriander.

Serve hot with Bajra Bhakri with seasams seeds on it.


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